SRL has developed a proactive domestic and regional intellectual property practice. The firm is licensed to directly initiate and prosecute applications for registration in respect to patents, industrial designs and trademarks in Malaysia. 

The firm has advised clients on the implementation of a system for the protection of their intellectual property rights (IPR), strategic global positioning for the effective exploitation of such rights, and innovative and appropriate licensing of technology and IPR and has advised financial institutions on the securitization of IPR. The firm’s involvement in this field has been called upon by clients in various industries including food and beverages, fashion, hotel, oil & gas, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and banking industries.
The firm has also advised clients on complex intellectual property issues in commercial transactions including the acquisition of biotechnology related technology which included an assessment of the IPR upon completion of the due diligence on the IPR, advising on the transfer of technology of various defence related technology and has also advised on the treatment of background and foreground IPR in co-development agreements.

The firm participates actively in IP Association meetings and conferences both in Malaysia and abroad, and has presented country reports on IPR matters.
In support of the firm’s practice in the IPR area, the firm has a team of advocates experienced in IPR laws and who assist clients in protecting their IPR in trade marks, copyright, industrial designs and patents.