In the information technology field, SRL has advised a futures and options exchange in the establishment of an integrated electronic trading system with regard to the contractual arrangements on software licences (both trial and production versions), service bureau concessions, service bureau software licences, hardware procurement and project management and consultancy agreements.

The firm also advised on the evaluation of tenders for various projects for the country’s railway, light rail systems and airport including strategic partnerships & alliance arrangements in the computer industry.
In relation to e-commerce, the firm has advised on the implementation of electronic banking by local financial institutions, electronic purse and e-commerce portals.

The firm has advised on the setting up of an electronic trade documentation exchange system including the user agreements and interchange agreements and has also been involved in the establishment of an electronic data interchange system for the ports of Malaysia. The firm has also advised on international collaborations for various Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) projects in diverse sectors and the legislative framework to effect the same. 

The firm advised on the implementation of the core banking system and treasury management system for a major financial institution in Malaysia.
Since the liberalisation of the telecommunications industry, the firm has advised clients both in Malaysia and abroad on issues ranging from licensing, consumer privacy codes, strategic partnership to competition matters. The firm has represented clients in interconnect negotiations (fixed, wireless and payphone) and in particular has assisted in formulating strategies for such negotiations. The firm has also advised licensed operators on the approach to be used in negotiations with other operators.

On competition issues, the firm has assisted clients in drafting submissions on:
  • Equal Access
  • Proportionate Return Rule
  • Price Floors
  • Dominant Position and Substantial Lessening of Competition
  • Facilities Access
Prior to the coming into force of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, the firm had been engaged to review and advise on the regulations relating to licensing, spectrum and technical standards.

In the area of broadcasting and media, the firm provides regulatory advice to both domestic and foreign radio television and cable T.V. operators. Advice has also been provided on investment and licensing policies, sports sponsorships, advertising, performers’ rights and defamation laws.